Welcome to Lynn Media Group

Lynn Media Group is an Austin-based website design and technology group that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to advance positive change through their endeavor. Our clients are passionate about their cause — both nonprofit and for-profit businesses. What matters the most is the cause and the desire to make a difference. Types of clients include: advocacy groups, startup and social entrepreneurial companies, educational groups, charities, and more.

What is Your Cause?

The foundation of a successful cause related endeavor is rooted in awareness, education and action. The core building blocks include: identifying the central issues; identifying those who benefit from the existing paradigm and those who do not; identifying solutions; and providing information that supports the necessity for advancing this positive change. Add to these building blocks a focal point for action and a well-produced website from a group who understands and cares.

Lynn Media Group can help your company leverage these building blocks and make the web achieve objectives on behalf of your cause whether it be a church desiring membership growth or a research group seeking to find a cure for a disease. Through logo identity design, online brand building, website design, website development, social media, search engine optimization and more, Lynn Media Group can help rally your cause and grow your connected network.

Recent Projects

Recent and ongoing website design and development projects.

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