Lynn Media Group Services

Logo Design

Lynn Media Group has been developing successful corporate logo identity designs for over 20 years. What has been learned in these years is that creating a logo design for a company or website is always three-fold: 1.) Determining the actual name and its related domain name, 2.) Creating the visual depiction of the name and 3.) Understanding the context in which the visual illustration will be used, such as on billboards, websites, iPhones or all three. Lynn Media Group strongly emphasizes that no designer can take a difficult name — one that is hard to say or spell — and turn it into a meaningful and successful logo identity.

Website Design

Lynn Media Group is a user-centered web design group. This means that the needs and wants of the end users of the website are given extensive attention during the design process. It is important to point out that website design is a process and that many factors weigh into the creation of a website design including: visual imagery, color, typography, messaging, the actual textual content and the underlying technology, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or a proprietary publishing platform. In today’s rapidly shifting “device” environment, with responsive design a must, function and usability take precedence over form.

Icon Illustration

The emergence of the Internet took icon imagery, previously only used in software applications, to enormous new heights. The role of icon imagery continues to expand as social media thrives and new handheld devices are introduced, such as smart phones and tablets. When designing a branded website feature or web application for these devices — or even a Twitter or Facebook Fan Page — a square icon is the final brand. Custom icon design is needed today more than ever. Over the years, Lynn Media Group has developed icons for websites, web and software applications, smart phones and music devices.

Website Development

In late 2010, Lynn Media Group fully shifted to the WordPress platform for new website development. It is extremely exciting to offer clients the ability to take charge of their own website through the ease of the WordPress interface. No longer do we hear from clients: “Can you make a change in the second paragraph on the Home page?” Clients now make these alterations themselves. Lynn Media Group produces websites that are web standards compliant and SEO-friendly. As a group specializing in visual interface and logo design, we work with skilled programming partners when advanced technology needs arise.

Website Consulting

Many clients come to Lynn Media Group seeking advice about an existing website that may be hosted on a variety of different platforms. The website may be performing poorly in search results or an underlying technology may be outdated. Lynn Media Group offers solutions to these clients that may include a visual “re-freshening” of the website, rebranding the website, reorganizing key textual content, search engine optimization techniques, smart social media integration, adopting new third party technologies and re-engineering code, such as transforming a “static” HTML/CSS website into a WordPress website.

SEO Consulting

Clients also reach out to Lynn Media Group for search engine optimization (SEO) help. It must be noted that good SEO is a progression that begins with the domain name and information structure of a website and continues with strategic content writing and coding development for each web page. When developing new websites or modifying an existing website, Lynn Media Group works through this progression to obtain the best SEO results as possible. We also educate clients who may be updating their own websites about best SEO practices, (which Google continues to modify) and the top rated WordPress SEO plugins.

WordPress Training

“How do I make a new post? How do I update a page? How do I add an image to the media library then place it onto a page?” There are a remarkable number of free online WordPress tutorial websites and videos geared towards basic website operators all the way up to advanced software developers. Lynn Media Group always recommends these free resources as a way to answer basic WordPress questions. There are times, however, when a client needs hands on help to carry out specific goals. Lynn Media Group crafts specialized WordPress group training sessions to assist clients in accomplishing these goals.