Price List

Logo Identity Price List

The Lynn Media Group logo identity design price list displays an estimated cost for each associated logotype. Because each client and project need is different, Lynn Media Group can only supply estimated costs in our pricing chart. All logo designs include at least 3-5 different choices and often a number of variations as well.

By completing our Logo Identity Design Survey, we can provide to you an actual cost for your logo design. Please download and complete this survey.

Logotype Cost
A type logo that contains no added graphic elements, but may use more than one typeface and have a variety of colors. Google’s current logo is an excellent example of a wordmark.
Wordmark with graphic tie-in
A type logo that contains a graphic tie-in element, such as the encircling of the Intel logo. The graphic tie-in is usually always shown in conjunction with the type.
Wordmark with simple break away mark
A type logo with a simple break away mark, such as the symbol for Target. This type of mark can be separated from the type for additional branding purposes.
Wordmark combined with illustration
A type logo combined with a highly illustrative mark, such as the combination depicted in the Starbucks brand up until 2010. The current logo is a modification of this.

Website Design Price List

Pricing for custom website design is determined on a project-by-project basis and usually breaks out in the manner shown on the below chart. Because every website has a unique purpose and feature set, Lynn Media Group can only offer custom pricing for website design. All designs include at least 2 visual sets.

By completing our Website Design Survey, we can provide to you an actual cost for your website design. Please download and complete this survey.

Process & Deliverables
  • Communications and planning
  • Two visual sets of designs, each set includes a Home and Section page design.
  • Dialog and revisions period
  • Choose one final design with minor revisions
  • Create remaining template page designs
  • Define all HTML styles in master PSD file
  • Deliver all finalized layered PSD files
  • Deliver all finalized vector-based art

Website Development Price List

Both the website design process and development process can act independently and frequently do. For instance, a web designer creates the visual graphics and page layouts then a web development team integrates these visual elements and writes the code. Lynn Media Group chooses this combination for all website development efforts that require advanced custom coding.

Lynn Media Group now only develops on the WordPress platform. Currently, we are working on a website design and development package for websites that do not require advanced custom coding. The package includes building a child theme based upon the most current WordPress default theme allowing for visual customizations in the header, footer and background and across all CSS styles.

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