‘In Memory of’ Anniversary Website Launch

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Lynn Media Group launches book website that honors the ten-year anniversary of an early interactive subscription-based website from 2001.

website designRuneCast.com – The original RuneCast.com, which operated from 2001 to 2005, was a spiritual advice website whose target audience was women between 25-45 years old. It was a free and subscription-based interactive website where users could ask a question, cast the runes in a variety of different layouts and receive a reading. Subscribing members could save their casts and access the full General and Relationship meanings of the runes instead of being limited to the partial meanings offered to free users.

Other free features included sending a rune card to a friend and spelling your name in runes.

Closing the website was a sad day, but like many websites back then and still today, RuneCast.com could not achieve a profitable working model. In part subscription-based websites, as RuneCast.com was, and full subscription-based websites continue to have a low survival rate on the Internet today and remain heavily dependent on advertising sales or content partnerships that deliver significant traffic resources. Some of the messages sent in by users after the website’s closure in early 2005 include:

  • “Thank you very much for the runecast site. It spoke to my soul … Your generous and sensitive spirit touched many.” – Namaste.
  • i loved runecast!!!! i miss it!!! it was an awesome site, and i’m sad to see it go. A new dawn, a new day…it’s not over. – A faithful fan
  • RuneCast gone? Like, forever?! Oh, please tell me it’s not so!!!!!!!!!! -Bereft in KY
  • Your wise words have been a real guide and support. Something special, spiritual and meaningful. The changes are permanent.” – James
  • It was a beautiful site that contained a lot of wisdom and it will be missed.

Over six years later, past fans of the website still find the founder online and request a copy of the original General and Relationship rune meanings. So in 2011, the founder published a book and placed it for sale in the Lulu.com market. Lynn Media Group built a quick website — using graphics from the original RuneCast.com website — to help support these book sales. By customizing Freedream2010 by Madzzoni built on Twenty Ten, Lynn Media Group was able to easily recreate aspects of the original design.

Website Design: Lynn Media Group
Website Development: Lynn Media Group WordPress
Total cost: Under $500
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